Saturday, April 24, 2010

Those who do and those who don't

In essence, I'm a simple kind of guy. The deeper meaning of fashion eludes me completely. If it's good this year, it must be good next year. And if it's improved next year, I don't expect the old thing to see again the year after simply because it's "fashionable" or "retro" again.

That's why I always seek out the brands and models that remain unchanged for years, so I can get whatever I need for the next ten years to come. I don't have any trouble buying a pink laptop and a black mouse if the price is right and the specifications are good.

Basically, I don't give a sh*t about what people think. If a pink laptop makes me gay, fine. You're not in my bedroom, I know what's true and your opinion is worth, well, do I have to spell it out?

Since I'm a simple guy, I use simple concepts. In my world there is no room for trying. Either you do or you don't. You either stay on your feet or fall flat on your face. I have no time or need to occupy myself with your inner workings. If you doubt, do it in your own time.

The reason for that is very simple as well. Doubting is an activity and people cannot concentrate on two things at the same time. I'd rather have you concentrate on doing the thing I ask from you than doubting whether you can do it. If you can multitask, fine, but do the thing you're supposed to do.

The very thing that always comes along with not doing things is excuses. I'm always astonished with the creativity people show when inventing excuses. It's simply incredible. If they had used that same creativity to do the things they were supposed to do, we wouldn't have this conversation.

The point is, I'm not interested how you feel. That's not why I hired you. I've hired you to do things. Your feelings are a private affair, they don't interest me. As long as your grand mother hasn't died it shouldn't be a major influence. Fortunately, you have only two grandmothers, so you run out of excuses pretty quickly.

Of course, there always will be children. Children get sick, have sex, experiment with drugs and do all those things you did when you were young. It may be a major concern to you, but still that's not why I hired you. If children constantly prevent you to do the things you're supposed to do, take care of them, but don't lean on my payroll. I didn't conceive them and they're not on my payroll. It's a private matter and consequently your matter.

So because you aren't heard, you turn to these sites where they claim that matriarchy may save the world, but as long as you can't save the project that you're involved with, that is of little concern to me.

Yeah, you may call it "backlash", which means criticism you don't have to respond to. But I tell you this: if you can't address criticism – whatever source it comes from – you ain't worth anything. I can take on your matriarchy claim anytime, because you simply don't deliver. I'm not afraid of you and you can post your fallible comments any time. Gimme what I want. Gimme what I need. There are only two kinds of people in the end: those who do and those who don't.


Lefty said...

Hans, I wasn't kidding around: Brandon Lozza rewrites other posters comments without their consent.

That comment that you got bothered about was itself edited, again to remove my statement that Brandon was the person using the Twitter and "boycottlefty" IDs, which have been involved in criminal harassment, not just of me, but of members of my family.

No joke. I have an active criminal complaint open here.

The Beez' said...

Well Lefty, you got your airtime, like everybody else down here. For me - a truth loving man - it's very hard to figure out what is the truth on the Internet nowadays.

Everybody claims everybody is suing everybody and very little journalism is left - no wonder if they make anyone who can write a half decent manual a journalist or an editor.

It sad to see it's not about the code or the cause anymore, but about the persons at the sideline who have very little to do with it. Technical tabloids.

Lefty said...

As a "truth lover", one is obligated to dig a little deeper than people's surface statements. One might, for instance, consider that my blogs have not changed location or content in years, nor have I used anything other than a single ID on Twitter or

One might then consider that Lozza has demonstrably used IDs like "ender2070", "boycottlefty" and now, "atlasDX" (referring to himself in the third-person from that latter ID) on Twitter and, and has torn down and replaced his blog several times.

I take responsibility for what I say; Lozza doesn't. That should give a "truth lover" some clues right there.

Tell you what: you try posting a comment to Lozza's blog stating that "Lefty claims that you've repeatedly edited comments he's left here pointing out that you were responsible for the Twitter ID 'boycottlefty' and the blog at '', substituting forged content instead, for example, replacing 'boycottlefty' with 'astralknight'. Is there any truth to that?"

See what happens.

The Beez' said...

Time is like money: you can only spend it once. You continuously seem to forget that I'm not paid to write stuff. And frankly: you're not that fascinating that I'm keeping track of you and all your nemesis. If I find out about something I blogged, I add it, even if it debunks some or most I've written.

You came in the picture because of your vicious attacks on opponents and yes - that raised my blood pressure that much that I spend several hours to find out what was happening. That row subsided, so did my blood pressure and finally I lost interest.

I had other things to do, like write code and be part of the Faux community - that one makes me still laugh - which means running Mono-less KDE.

Yes, it's true: I don't research each and every satirical comment I post and No, I'm not going to fight your battles.

Fair enough?