Sunday, July 29, 2007

Looking for a girl that knows C

Nowadays there is a lot of talk going on why there are so few female developers. Well, as far as I'm concerned it's a you-do-or-you-don't question. I know plenty of male youngsters who rather play a game of GTSA or WoW than fire up a C compiler and stare at a bunch of compiler messages. Sex has got nothing to do with it. Still, the idea of having a bunch of females that can discuss programming topics seems rather attractive to some young geeks as this quote from comp.lang.c proves:

If this works I'll be impressed. I'm looking too. But my problem is age. I'm 17 and finding a girl that isn't obsessed with standing around in hallways looking stupid is very hard. So if you're female and around my age group and programming..

Oh, forget about it! I've been there. Do you really think you're out of trouble when you have a girl that knows C? Oh, no. The arguments stay the same, just another subject.

F:That is not a portable construction.
M:Yes, it is.
F:No, it isn't!
M:Yes, it is. Ok, ok, I'll look it up in the standard. (browsing..) Here it is: you see?
F:Well, the standard is wrong then!
M:How can the standard be wrong?!? It clearly says, it is allowed.
F:I've seen a compiler that didn't allow it.
M:Then it wasn't a standard compiler! Because here it says that "a standard compiler.."
F:Yes, it was a standard compiler. It said so on the box.
M:It can't be, honey! You're mistaken.
F:You say that because I'm a woman, don't you!? You really can't accept a woman that knows about C.
M:Honey, I really love you for that, but in this context..
F:No, you don't! My friend told me: "Once you're a threat to his superiority.."
M:Not her, please!! She can't see the difference between an int and a short.
F:You never liked my girlfriends! You want to lock me up in this room and make subroutines for you on this lousy PIII.
M:Honey, I'll buy you a new one if that's a problem, but..
F:Yeah, you say that now! I knew it! You never liked my programs!! You don't even mention my name in your programs. I never get any credits!! I hate you!
M:I mentioned your name in the documentation..
F:Once! In a small .TXT file that nobody ever reads! You only mention those friends of yours! I know what you're doing! You always go to your friends if there is a compiler error. Never to me! You don't love me anymore!! BOOOHOOOHOO!!

(Door slams behind her, sounds of suitcases falling to the floor, etc.)

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too funny :)