Sunday, July 29, 2007

Windows users are whiners

"Linux is hard to install"
You probably bought a computer with Windows preinstalled and bought a new one when it came to a grinding halt. Next time try reinstalling it from scratch, drivers and applications included.

"Linux doesn't support as much hardware"
Don't worry. The occasional digital camera, memory stick and USB harddisk will probably work. Check the Internet, select the proper components and buy a custom computer. It is probably cheaper than a computer off the shelf with Windows preinstalled. If you want a laptop, try a Dell or consult the Internet.

"I can't run my programs on Linux"

True, if you want to run Linux programs on Windows you have probably more luck to find a native Windows version. But there are more ways to get the job done. If you want to burn a CD, you don't need Nero. If you want to write a document, you don't need MS-Word. If you want to manipulate an image, you don't need Photoshop. If you want to develop a program, you don't need MS-Visual Studio. K3B, OpenOffice, GIMP and Kdevelop work just as well. And yes, we do have Firefox.

"I can't play my games on Linux"

Computers aren't there to play games. Try a console, buy an xBox and scratch your disks, I don't care. If you want to do something serious, try Linux.

"I don't want to work on the command line"

My girlfriend uses Linux all the time. She doesn't even know what a command line is. Get real. A good Linux distribution allows you to do all the essential stuff from the GUI. Don't tell me editing the registry is easy.

"Windows is just as secure as Linux"

Yeah, and my grandmother is world champion polka dancing. On Linux, there a no real threats where viruses, spyware or trojans are concerned. All the programs you have to install on Windows to get the thing remotely secure eat up CPU seconds and make your computer less stable and responsive.

"Windows is just as expensive"

Don't think because it came preinstalled that you didn't pay for Windows. Believe me, you did. And all these nice programs like Nero, Photoshop, MS-Office don't come for free as well. You're probably using pirated versions. Wait 'till your next WGA check.

"I'm lame"

You're probably right. You want it the easy way. You want to come home, plug in your computer and play some lame game right away. You don't want to spend an hour installing an OS and think before you click a 'continue' button. And because you've been doing that for the last ten years, you don't want to study some manual and learn a new program. You're so lame, that you are even prepared to fork out your hard earned cash from your wallet in order to stay lame. You're the kind of person that admits that carbondioxide emissions are a problem, but you're too lame to take the bike to go to work. Instead, you bought yourself a Hummer because you thought it was cool. You're the kind of person that prefers to write endless blogs full of excuses instead of making a change. Face it, it's not Linux that is the problem, it is you.

Update: a followup has been published here.


Anonymous said...

tru dat, i know someone who has to read this, he goes by the intraweb name of "mahkee" bought the webbrowser and codec plugins for his archos so he could "stay lame"

Unknown said...


Christophe said...

sure, insulting people will make them want to switch.

Anonymous said...

Sir, sorry to be rough but you wrote a pile of stupid "answers"!

You cannot justify Linux vs. Windows simply stating PC is not for playing games, on Linux you can use a lot of open source programs and so on... You cannot tell us what to do with a PC and what to use on it!

Linux is an interesting alternative to Windows (but, from my perspective, that's all: no better, no worse, it's an option); it has its own benefits over Windows but you're simply doing "marketing" with this post!!

My idea is: you like Linux, you do not have a clear idea on how to convince us to move from Win to Linux (or you don't have time/will to explain your thought) so you posted a unuseful, generic, silly explanation to justify Linux is equal/better than Windows.

Jozef Izso said...

"I can't play my games on Linux"
Computers aren't there to play games. Try a console, buy an xBox and scratch your disks, I don't care. If you want to do something serious, try Linux.

Lol, this is the most ridiculous sentense which tries to promote Linux.

Grijan said...

You basically are saying "you Windows users are silly, because if you were smart you would be using Linux". Calling someone stupid is not the smartest way to convince them to use when you are selling. It's attitudes like this that keep Linux developers from connecting with real people's needs, and that keep real people away from Linux. The day Linux can use a shared printer on a Windows box without having to edit some obscure config file /etc/ to enable SAMBA's host browser, non-tech people will start looking at Linux as a reasonable option. It's in your hand.

The Beez' said...

No, what I'm basically saying is, "If you want to stick with Windows, stay with Windows, but don't use the standard FUD as an excuse".

These "excuses" have been debunked a long time ago, but still certain Windows users keep using them to "explain" that nothing can and will serve their objectives like a Windows system. It suggests that it is the Linux system which is lacking - and IMHO that is not true.

This FUD keeps a lot of people who are serious contemplating Linux from using it. Unfortunately, I find this FUD all over the web to this very day. If Windows proponents would admit for one time for the real reasons that they stick with Windows, this post would not be necessary.

And yes, one of the real reasons that people do not want to switch is "I'm happy with it, I don't want to learn a new OS". Fine. Discussion closed.

The Beez' said...

Anonymous comment was deleted. Profanity will not be tolerated!

Victor said...

LOL! Thats comedy gold!

Check out the replys at

The Beez' said...

ROFL. What answers??

"And you asked if I had the guts to comment on your "Hasta la Vista" series. I'll do you one even better. Let's try one step prior to having the guts and asking if I'm even interested in viewing your series in the first place. Answer: No, I do not have the interest."

Gimme facts, baby, facts! Not just the gut feelings that made you burn crosses, believe that there are weapons of mass destruction in Iraq and think that Microsoft makes the best software in the world.

Phazonaddict said...

Honestly, you're an idiot.

Insulting people WILL NOT get people to hear your argument - They'll think of you as an arrogant person who has a holier-than-thou attitude.

Reading this gave me a headache, and if I wasn't typing this ON Linux already, I'd steer well away from it.

Thank you for being lame yourself, and giving Linux users a bad name.


The Beez' said...

Is this your desktop Phazonaddict? You thought I wouldn't find that out? You don't know me very well, do you, you old gamer..

Phazonaddict said...

Beez: What, I can't use Linux AND Windows? I'm only allowed to use one? Is there some magical barrier preventing me from doing that?

I use Linux in college and sometimes at home, durr hurr.

Phazonaddict said...

I'm also aware my commentis several months late but I don't exactly frequently check this site.

Grijan said...

You are right, Phazonaddict. Both OSes are completely valid options, each one with its lights and shadows. You can use whatever fits you best. And if you need/want to live with both, go ahead. One more reason to respect other opinions :-) .